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Texterritory was a recipient of a 2003 Future Physcial ART_DIGITAL_EUROPE grant to produce and tour Texterritory in Munich, DE; Bucharest, RO & Polveriggi, IT.

What others have said:

The Register:
"Oh yes, is that the rustling of artistic envelopes being pushed back we can hear? Marvellous."
"Texterritory is a playground performance concept in which the audience has control over physical bodies..." Links:

Future Physical Responsive Environment Series

The Junction

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After 2004, we went on to perform and engage audiences in Southampton & London, UK as well as in NY, Los Angeles & San Diego in the USA.

"Prepare for a super dance theatre adventure in text messaging where what you think really counts! Grace Campbell needs you to switch on your mobile phone and bring it to the Robin Howard Dance Theatre. Spectators are welcome!"

The Place Theatre, Robin Howard Dance Theatre
17 Dukes Rd, London WC1H 9AB
tel 0207 307 0131.
Closest tube Euston.

Grace Campbell: Sheron Wray
Tanisha & Co: Ife Piankhi
DJ Zak: Zak Ahimien

Digital Interface: Fleeta Siegel [sens], SMS Interface: Texploitation
Styling: Shirley Williams
Lighting: Nino Jinks
Sound: Dave Ross
Contact us for more information: fleeta [at] sens [.] eu [.] com
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